Astral Projection Methods – 4 Astral Projection Methods That Really Work

If you are interested in getting your consciousness to leave its physical shell and travel all over the universe, or in other words, if you are interested in astral projection, you will find literally zillions of astral projection methods. These methods are almost as numerous as the stars in the sky. Your job, if you want a successful astral projection, is to find an astral projection method that works for you.

Here is a list of 4 unique astral projection methods to help you leave your body safely.

Method I

Relax completely. Simultaneously, avoid falling asleep.

Now visualize a ball of light in front of you, a short distance away from you. Spend some time observing this ball of light and then slowly shift your consciousness into the ball of light. Shift your senses too. Begin by shifting your sense of touch, and then, shift your sense of hearing, smell, taste, and finally sight.

Of course, this isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it guarantees success. You only have to practice hard and have plenty of patience.

Method II

Request the help of a trusted friend or relative. Remove your clothes and lie down on the bed. Request your friend to cover you with a heavy bed sheet. After sometime, when you have completely relaxed, your friend must slowly drag the bed sheet up your body till it reaches the top of your head. After that, your friend must lift the bed sheet up, take it away, and leave the room.

Now that you know what it feels like to have a heavy bed sheet moved over your body, you can easily imagine it happening again. However, instead of a bed sheet, imagine your astral double moving over you till it reaches your head and then let it rise over you-just like the bed sheet. You will be out of your body in a jiffy.

Method 3

Lie on your back and empty your mind of all thoughts. Imagine watching your body fast asleep. As you progress, you will enter a trance-like state. The most difficult thing, of course, is to avoid falling asleep. If you are doing it right, you will start feeling the vibrations; and soon, your astral body will be watching your physical body as it sleeps.

Method 4

Oversleep! This might sound funny, but oversleeping has the tendency to make us feel more tired than usual. So, try this technique out at weekends after getting pets, children, and spouses out of the way, turning the phone off, and telling people in no uncertain terms that you mean to oversleep.

This method is easy because you don’t have to struggle to gain control over your mind. You just have to oversleep till you feel absolutely sluggish. Now, you must gently focus on your third eye. This usually leads to lucid dreaming and then an astral projection.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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